Important Points to Remember when Showing Your Home

Important Points to Remember when Showing Your Home

  • Increase your chances. The more people who see your home, the more likely you are to sell it quickly. Yes, it's inconvenient to show your home at dinner time, but if the people buy your home, isn't it worth it?

  • There shouldn't be any major housecleaning at this point. The kinds of tasks you ought to be concerned with are simple ones; making the beds, stuffing last night's dirty pans in the dishwasher, picking up loose newspapers, etc. Even young children can participate by "cleaning" their rooms.

  • If the season is appropriate, open the windows in each room and let in some fresh air. Stale air isn't appealing, particularly in a home with smokers or pets.

  • Keep your thermostat at a comfortable setting.

  • Turn on all the lights for every showing before prospective buyers arrive. This also gives you an opportunity to select the lighting effects you want for each room. No area of your home should be dark.

  • Turn off the television and turn on light background music.

  • Arrange for pets and children to be at neighbors. Perhaps it's unfair to lump children with pets, but young children can distract buyers from their purpose. Keep pets away from buyers.

  • Don't try to "sell" the house with words! By this time you have prepared the house for sale; let it sell itself. Buyers buy on emotion—theirs, not yours! Keep the emotions under control!

  • "Depersonalize" the house as much as possible. the house as much as possible. Take down any extra family pictures that are hanging on the walls or displayed on the shelves. They will often distract the buyers' attention from what is most important…the house!

  • Most importantly, please leave the home during all showings. It is uncomfortable and difficult for buyers to view the home when owners are present. Oftentimes, they will rush through the home and not give it the proper attention your home deserves. It is also hard for the buyers to "picture themselves" living in the home when the sellers are present.
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